The WildFIRE PIRE Team

US and International Research, Education, and Outreach Team

Name Affiliation PIRE Role
Dennis Aig Dennis Aig Co-Principal Investigator, Film
David Bowman David Bowman International Senior Personnel
[content-profile-profile-fname] [content-profile-profile-lname] Christy Briles International Research Collaborator
Geoff Cary Geoff Cary International Senior Personnel
Simon Haberle Simon Haberle International Senior Personnel
Phil Higuera Phil Higuera Co-Principal Investigator
Bob Keane Bob Keane Senior Personnel
Todd Kipfer Todd Kipfer Data Management
Rachel Loehman Senior Personnel
Bruce Maxwell Bruce Maxwell Co-Principal Investigator
Matt McGlone Matt McGlone International Senior Personnel
Todd Kipfer Dave McWethy Co-Principal Investigator
George Perry George Perry International Senior Personnel
Yvonne Rudman Yvonne Rudman Project Manager and Internship Coordinator
Todd Kipfer Tom Veblen Co-Principal Investigator
Cathy Whitlock Cathy Whitlock Principal Investigator
Janet Wilmhurst Janet Wilmshurst International Senior Personnel

Postdoctoral Researchers

Name Affiliation PIRE Role
Michael-Shawn Fletcher Michael-Shawn Fletcher Lecturer (Assistant Professor)
[content-profile-profile-fname] [content-profile-profile-lname] Andrés Holz ARC Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Jessee Morris Postdoctoral Researcher
Todd Kipfer Alan Tepley Postdoctoral Research Fellow
[content-profile-profile-fname] [content-profile-profile-lname] Gabriel Yospin Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Graduate Students

International Partners

Name Affiliation PIRE Role
Sally Bryant International Internship Sponsor
Jody Chase NSF Program Officer
Mark Chladil International Internship Sponsor
Neil Davidson International Internship Sponsor
Hans Drielsman International Internship Sponsor
Jonathan Duddles International Internship Sponsor
Steven Dupuis Internship Coordinator
Ciretta Green Travel Consultant
Shelly Hogan Internship Coordinator
Susan Lacey-Laweczko International Internship Coordinator
Adrian Leighton Internship Coordinator
Myra Mcauliffe NSF PIRE Program Officer
Scott Nichols Scott Nichols UTas Project Manager
Daniel Sprod International Internship Sponsor

Advisory Board

Name Affiliation PIRE Role
Patrick Bartlein Patrick Bartlein Advisory Board
Penny Morgan Penelope Morgan Advisory Board
Tom Swetnam Tom Swetnam Advisory Board

Project Staff

Name Affiliation PIRE Role
Barbara Bunge PIRE Subcontracts Manager
Diane Eagleson Administrative
[content-profile-profile-fname] [content-profile-profile-lname] Caitlyn Florentine Website Tech
Kathy Marcinko Kathy Marcinko Project Fiscal Manager

Other Contributors

Name Affiliation PIRE Role
Janell Barber Human Resources
Holly Coleman Travel Consultant
Rich Howard Richard Howard External Evaluator
Diane Letendre Human Resources
Theresa Marchwick Human Resources
Tracy Miyakawa Sponsored Programs Manager
Pamela Wilson Administrative