Fire in the forest

Visitors to the less trekked parts of Tasmania’s southwest may find themselves confronted by a ghostly reminder of the power of human agency. Thousands upon thousands of deathly white monuments to a former verdant grandeur await these unwitting explorers. A stark reality that is a far cry from the visions of primordial splendour plastered on the walls of tourist offices and emblazoned on billboards in Australia’s major cities. An advertising strategy designed to lure nature lovers to this promised land.

ESA 2012 Wednesday Summary Audiocast

You can download an audiocast summarizing what my friends and I found to be the most exciting talks from Wednesday at the Ecological Society of American annual meeting. I actually discuss some fire science in this one, as well as issues about old-growth forests. Enjoy!

ESA 2012 Monday Summary Audiocast

You can download an audiocast summarizing Monday's session at the annual ESA conference here (my other blog). There's very little fire in this audiocast, but expect future episodes to talk more more about wildland fire.

Generating Data

Recently the charcoal counting for Lake Osborne, a site in southern Tasmania, was completed. There is still plenty of analysis left to be done on this record, but finishing the charcoal counting is a small milestone nonetheless. Here is a plot of the preliminary results:


Get Ready For ESA

I'm getting excited for the upcoming Ecological Society of America (ESA) conference. It will be in Portland, Oregon, August 5-10.

In addition to giving a talk on Monday afternoon, I will be blogging about what I see, and I may even "tweet" about it. You can follow me @GabrielYospin

- Gabe

Social Media

WildFIRE PIRE is moving into year 3, and it is time we begin to utilize more social media.  We are recruiting team members to add to the blog section, and you can find us on Twitter @WildFIREPIRE.

Blogging at wildFIRE PIRE

Stay tuned as WildFIRE PIRE scientists, educators, students, and partners report to you from across the globe.

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