Tasmania, Australia

Tasmania 2013

Cradle Mountain, Conamara & Laurie Stahle.

Tasmania 2013

Gabe Yospin, WildFire PIRE postdoc, stands in front of Cradle Mountain.

Tasmania 2013

Bob Gresswell, Laurie Stahle, Simon Haberle, Cathy Whitlock & Conamara Burke.

Hansen Peak

Hansen Peak and Cradle Mountain

Raft Inflation

Matt Weingart and Loga Fixico inflate a raft for coring on the lake; eucalyptus in the background.

Flynns Tarn

Outlet at Flynns Tarn. Orange tint of the water is due to tannins released by buttongrass.

Cradle Mountain

Cathy Whitlock and Simon Haberle at Cradle Mountain National Park.

Hike to Cradle Mountain

Cathy Whitlock hikes a mountain pass on the way to Cradle Mountain.

Epicormic sprouting

Epicormic sprouting on a Eucalyptus coccifera (snowgum tree).

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