Tasmania, Australia

Lake Wilks

Jay Chin and Simon Haberle on Lake Wilks with core.

Cradle Mountain

Cathy Whitlock and Bob Gresswell at Cradle Mountain.

Dove Lake

Dove Lake, Cradle Mountain National Park.

Lake Hansen

Lake Hansen, Cradle Mountain National Park. The Central Plateau of Tasmania is in the far background (location of field sites for Phil Higuera's 2013 field season).

Lake Lilla

Cathy Whitlock and Kathy Allen subsample a core at Lake Lilla.

Lake Lilla

Scott Nichols, Krystyna Saunders and Simon Haberle (in the distance) at Lake Lilla.

Lake Lilla Core

Note interesting transitions from mud-water interface, to organic-rich, to sandy-clay from left to right.

Lake Lilla

Matt Weingart, Cathy Whitlock, Simon Haberle and Loga Fixico at Lake Lilly. Hansen's Peak and Cradle Mountain appear in the background.

King Billy Pine

Kathy Allen hugs an Athrotaxis selaginoides (King Billy Pine) that is ~ 2,000 years old in Waldheim Forest.

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