Tasmania, Australia

Tim Tam Slammin'

Simon Haberle, Laurie Stahle, Cathy Whitlock, Scott Nichols, Bob Gresswell and Matt Weingart take a break to snack on some Tim Tams.


Laurie Stahle and Simon Haberle add zorbitrol - an absorbant substance used to clean up hospital spills - to prepare a sediment core for transport and eventual shipping.

Measuring Core

Laurie Stahle, Matt Weingart and Simon Haberle measure core at Cradle Mountain.

Marion's Lookout

Laurie Stahle, Cathy Whitlock, Matt Weingart, Kathy Allen, Scott Nichols and Jay Chin stand in the rain at Marion's Lookout, Cradle Mountain National Park.

Dove Lake

Bob Gresswell points to Cradle Mountain, just beyond Dove Lake.

Jack Jumper Ant

Jack jumper ants sting with venom strong enough to cause more deaths in Tasmania than snakes, wasps and sharks combined!

Higuera_2011 Pics 2011

Picture by Phil Higuera

Cradle Mountain

Dave McWethy, Bob Gresswell and Cathy Whitlock

Picture by Phil Higuera

Higuera_2011 Pics 2011

Picture by Phil Higuera

Crater Lake

Picture by Phil Higuera

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