TAS-1: Paleofire patterns

Title:  Reconstructing Holocene fire regimes in Tasmania

Investigators: Whitlock, Haberle, Fletcher

Students: Stahle (MSU Phd), Chin (ANU PhD)

Interns: Weingart, Fixico

Project Description


Recent large, deadly bushfires during the “Big Dry” in southeastern Australia figure prominently in the Australian Government’s conclusion that climate change is occurring faster and has more serious consequences than previously believed. The same report notes that the link between climate change and bushfires is multi-faceted and complex because bushfires are influenced by many factors including the amount and condition of the fuel load, land-cover patterns, non-native plant invasions, extreme weather events, ignition sources, and management practices.

All Hands Meeting - Tasmania

Event Date: 
Mar 9 2011 - Mar 12 2011

Due to the recent earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand, the All Hands Meeting was moved to Hobart, Tasmania.

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